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ready-to-use diagnostic kits for clinical and food analysis based on HPLC & Mass Spectrometry

Providing innovative trustworthy and accurate results constitutes the core viewpoint of us. Hence, our straightforward and economic solutions are being used extensively in clinical and food laboratories.

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Ready-to-use solutions for chromatography coupled mass spectrometry with fast, reliable and accurate results in economically advantageous and simple way

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Method Development Studies

Developing methods for your special needs.

Method Validation Studies

Validation support on-site with our experienced team.

Demo Studies

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Application Trainings

Application support on-site with our experienced team.


Amino Acid Kit

Accurate Quantitation of Amino Acids

Sample preparation without derivatization of amino acid

Traditional Amino Acid analysis time 90 to 120 minutes.

JASEM total analysis time 7.5 min

Installation and application support on-site with our experienced team.

Also determination of allo-isoleucine for diagnosis of maple syrup urine disease(MSUD).


0.07 - 9.03

LOQ nmol/ml

82.4% - 113.4%


0.87% - 9.11%


A Product

Taurine Analysis

Simple methodology saves time and increases throughput.

Use with a broad range of food matrices.

No need for concentration step.

Same sample preparation procedure for all matrices.

Same validation procedure for all matrices.

Low cost of sample preparation steps.

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MSACL 2017 Europe, Mass Spectrometry Applications to the Clinical Lab

12-14 September 2017 | Salzburg, Austria

MEDLAB Europe Exhibition & Conferences 2017

13-15 September 2017 | Barcelona, Spain

Association of Clinical Biochemistry Experts International Participated Congress & Lab Expo 2017

1-5 October 2017 | Antalya, Turkey

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